My Dukan Diet one year on

Very nearly my first annual update, anyway. I started my diet (and this blog) on 12 December 2010 and here we are on 10 December 2011. I find that people are still finding this blog, even though I have not posted anything for a long time. I guess there are a lot of dieters out there looking for encouragement, advice and so on.

I certainly think that an update on my current situation would be encouraging for anyone on the Dukan Diet or contemplating going onto it.

A quick recapitulation: I started off on 12 December 2010 at 99 kgs. My target weight was 85 kgs and the Dukan questionnaire suggested my ‘true weight’ was almost exactly that. On the consolidation diet I continued to lose weight but levelled out at 80 -81 kgs, where I have been for several months now, without making any special effort.

But for the last week or so I have been down below 80 kgs most days. Not much below, and I haven’t made any special effort to lose more weight, but down a bit anyway.

Today: 79.5 kgs.

Here is a recent evening meal, which is fairly typical, being all grilled. Pork (fat-free, Dr Dukan please note), carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions, beans. If you worry that I should be eating some carbohydrate: I have porridge for breakfast and two pieces of home-baked wholemeal bread which contains lots of oats.

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Post- Dukan Progress 3

I am still keeping below 82 kg despite indulging myself in summer fruits such as raspberries (mostly) and strawberries. And I am even having them with large dollops of Creme Fraiche. Creme Fraiche is something I had almost never come across before but I have really taken to it. I use the low fat (2%) variety and since it is cultured I figure it can’t be much different from the low fat yoghurt that Dukan approves of.

Our daughter-in-law arrived from Abu Dhabi with a box of fantastic chocolates and stuffed dates. At first I was very determined not to be tempted, but when I saw them disappearing rapidly and enjoyed so much by everyone else, I finally gave in. And scoffed several. That was a few days ago now, and doesn’t seem to have done me any harm.

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Post-Diet Progress 2

A week ago I weighed in at 80.9 at the beginning of my protein-only day. The following day I was 79.9. So there is no doubt that the protein-only day is an effective way of controlling your weight when you complete the Dukan diet. Plus exercise, of course.

Exercise in the post-diet Dukan sense does not mean lots of hard work at the gym, though that would be great as well. The fact that you have been on the Dukan Diet probably suggests that you were not a great one for the gym in the first place. So exercise means walking 20-30 minutes every day and ‘living your life as if escalators and lifts had not been invented’. That’s fine if you live or work on the 2nd or 3rd floor. But the 14th? Well you could get into the lift on the 3rd, or get out on the 12th.

For me, exercise still means about 40 minutes cycling each day, plus about 15-20 minutes fairly brisk walking.

So where am I today? 81.3 kg. I became aware a couple of days ago that I was beginning to eat a bit more. That, plus the weather has been pretty bad so I’ve missed a couple of days cycling.

I hope to have a better week, and that would mean being back under 81 kg this time next week. Those 300gms are not much, but psychologically they mean a lot.


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Post-Diet Progress 1

More than the 7 days I promised in my last post have gone by. So how have I been getting on?

Well, I think. This morning I weighed in at 80.9 kg and today is my protein-only day, so I can expect to be lower than that tomorrow. I still tend to weigh myself most days, and I have been consistently between over 80 and below 82. I think that is as flat-lining as I am likely to get.

There have been visitors, and we are in Devon at the moment, so visitors = cream teas, farmhouse ice-creams, and even some wine (not local). Other than that I have pretty much kept to the good doctor’s recommendations, so I am still very pleased with the results.

Perhaps I will have a few words to say about how literally or not I think you should take a diet. Or at least, how literally or not I have taken this one.

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D-Day on the Dukan Diet

D-Day on my Dukan Diet was yesterday. Or possibly today. Yesterday was the last day of my 140-day consolidation diet. Today is the first day of the ‘stabilisation’ phase.

This website describes this phase like this:

This is the ongoing lifestyle phase of the Dukan Diet. In this phase you are instructed to go back to eating whatever you like while continuing to use the rules of the Consolidation Phase as a guideline. One day of the week dieters are instructed to eat only protein.

Well, yesterday I started the day at 80.3kg and today at 80.6. One thing I have learned is that this sort of variation is nothing to worry about, it is normal for me to go up and down by as much as a kilo in any one week. But I keep coming back to somewhere between 80 and 82 just by sticking by the guidelines. A continuing upward trend would be something to worry about but I’m pretty sure that sensible eating, the once-weekly protein-only day, and exercise (cycling and walking, nothing that needs a visit to the gym for me) will result in me maintaining  my current weight.

So I will see how it goes and try to report my weight on a weekly basis from now on.

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Dukan Diet Penultimate Day

Weighed in this morning at 80.7 kg.

Coffee and oat biscuits.

Cycled for 50 minutes; walked 15 minutes.

Breakfast, at 9.15am: porridge sprinkled with ground cinnamon (whole rolled oats and oat bran); 2 slices home-made bread made with oats and oat-bran, butter, marmite and home-made marmalade (very low sugar); filter coffee.

Lunch: 50gm crab terrine  and 3 oat cake biscuits ; cheddar cheese with tomato and celery; 1 apple.

Evening: laap moo (spicy minced pork) with fresh vegetables (spring onions, cucumber, lettuce, sugar snap peas; fat-free natural yoghurt with 2 teaspoons home-made cherry jam and 1 tbs granola; 1 apple.

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Unreliable ‘information’ re the Dukan Diet

I mentioned yesterday that I had seen a couple of references to the Dukan Diet in my newspapers of choice recently.

The first was a very short piece in the Guardian on 31 May which you can read at .

This seemed to me a reasonable summary of the benefits and dangers of the Dukan Diet, and his conclusion that ‘I’m eating normally again now, but more moderately – more consciously – and I’m not putting weight on’ chimed with my own experience.

But very soon after that this article appeared in the sister paper: .

I add this link somewhat reluctantly, because this article is typical of the sort of journalism that I dislike intensely. It is misinformed and under-informed; but also it depends for its interest on a  sneering, mocking, contemptuous approach to almost any subject which passes for a form of humour all too often here in the UK.

The one quote I will grant her is this one: ‘the diet industry is built on the repeated, utterly predictable and necessary failure of its own products’. If she had actually read Dr Dukan’s diet book, she would know that he is well aware of the likelihood of failure, and warns his readers/dieters of the dangers. He even quantifies them at different stages of the diet. In particular, for those of us like John Henley and me who have come through the complete diet (6 months+ in my case) he warns that we certainly will fail if we revert to the eating patterns we had before undertaking his diet regimen. So Henley has taken this on board by eating ‘moderately … consciously’ and so, I am sure will I. Dr Dukan also urges us to continue walking daily and to live our lives as though lifts and escalators had not been invented.

So the Dukan Diet has proved very effective as far as weight-loss goes, and it offers sound advice for maintaining a more healthy weight. And as Henley suggests, this is advice which we probably received before, but now find ourselves much more likely to follow because we have now felt the benefits of losing our excess weight and want to continue that way. But in the end it does all boil down to taking more exercise and eating more moderately; for need rather than always for pleasure, perhaps, or for comfort.

I certainly challenge Bennett’s ‘utterly predictable … failure’. As John Henley says at the end of his article: ‘But, you know,  we’ll see’.

(Incidentally, I am surprised that Bennett makes no reference to Henley’s article. Don’t journalists read the stuff their collleagues produce?)

Up at 6.45am: weighed in at 81.3kg; pre-cycle instant coffee (+ fat-free coffee-mate) and 3 small oat biscuits.

Breakfast, at 9.15am: porridge sprinkled with ground cinnamon (whole rolled oats and oat bran); 2 slices home-made bread made with oats and oat-bran, butter, marmite and home-made marmalade (very low sugar); filter coffee.

Lunch: 3 slices grilled bacon, 2 eggs scrambled (in semi-skimmed milk — no oil or butter), 1 apple.

Evening: grilled salmon with chili sauce! 1 more apple.

Oh, did I mention the double-scoop farmhouse ice-cream on my way back from the Devon Vihara? Ms Bennett would be saying she told me so.

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